Social networks as a way of working during isolation

The search for work alternatives and migration to digital jobs is not a recent trend. Nevertheless, the social isolation promoted by Covid-19 may accentuate it.

Social networks as a way of working during isolation

The search for work alternatives and migration to digital jobs is not a recent trend. Nevertheless, the social isolation promoted by Covid-19 may accentuate it. Know the role of social networks in this process.The evolution of new technologies in recent decades has led to several social changes. Having ensured simpler access to electronic devices, our era has completely revolutionized the way we interact with each other and how we seek leisure and work.In Brazil, the use of cell phones is a good demonstration of this.

Today, everyone carries their smartphone with them and uses it for many different purposes. From talking to friends, to ordering food or transportation or even to do the most diverse purchases, the mobile phone is the first element that we all use.This reality had long been motivating the tendency of Brazilians to seek work in the digital world, which would generate a visible increase in the number of online stores in the country.The attempt to escape the logic of the national economy, where unemployment and precariousness were already a reality, made many people become digital entrepreneurs and create their businesses on the web.At that time, the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic caused even more people to start looking for alternative jobs on the Internet.Although - in truth - we have to admit that this is not as simple a path as some texts predict (as, moreover, sebrae figures have always indicated), the truth is that the possibility of success with an online company becomes appealing, especially now that many companies have closed their doors and that staying at home is necessary.Come and find out what role social networks play in online work and how you can use them to try to make an income from the Internet.

Online shops and social networks

A study recently launched by Paypal in partnership with BigData Corp indicated that the number of online stores in Brazil had grown 37.5m 2021 and that, among the various Brazilian online stores, at least 65% had, along with their website, spaces (pages or profiles) on social networks.Being very comprehensive networks that bring together several people, these social spaces are seen by entrepreneurs as a good way to and improve their sales.The possibilities offered by this type of media and its diverse uses can indeed be a fundamental support when it comes to ensuring that a new brand reaches its target audience and wins its attention.Among the preferred networks of digital entrepreneurs are Instagram and Facebook. With very distinct uses, both networks extend the possibility of presenting brands and products, simply and free of charge or through small investments in ads that improve the interaction and exposure of the brand.

Social networks and content creation

Although online shops seem to take up a lot of space in the choices of digital workers, the truth is that this is not the only way to make money online, using social networks.Another trend that already existed and that is being accentuated during this phase of social isolation is the creation of content.Instagramers, facebookers and youtubers are names that designate people who, using their channels in social networks, manage to create content and exert influence on their audiences, attracting the attention of the most diverse brands that sponsor them.This form of work has been accentuated by social isolation, with many influencers using the social networks to pass on institutional messages, promoting precisely the conscious attitudes towards the virus and trying to keep the spirits up for those who are feeling depressed in this situation.

The best social networks of today

Facebook has already been considered one of the best social networks. Still, in recent years, this network has lost ground to others in Brazil.Although it contains the largest number of users, totaling 2.5 billion users, this medium has lost space for platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.A study conducted by QualiBest at the end of 2021 concluded, based on interviews, that 46 Facebook users now spend less time on this network, with 27 stating that they access Youtube more frequently and 24 stating that they prefer Instagram.One of the reasons for Facebook's withdrawal is related to a reality that we have been witnessing intensely with the current situation: according to 42 users, Facebook promotes the propagation of false news, which motivates the evasion of this network.In addition, 45 users say they have moved away because they prefer other social networks and 35 say Facebook has shown a lack of innovation.