There is no game in the world that is better known, even if you are not the most experienced player, like blackjack. You have probably heard of it, as it is one of the most popular amusements among the growing inventory of online games.


There is no game in the world that is better known, even if you are not the most experienced player, like blackjack. You have probably heard of it, as it is one of the most popular amusements among the growing inventory of online games. Thanks to online casinos, today we have online games for all tastes, such as blackjack, which used to be possible to enjoy only physically, in the casino you had at hand in your city or when you went on vacation. The history of the game, some curious facts and all the information about blackjack rules are part of what we will include on this page.

We also add a complete list of free online blackjack games, such as real money casinos for South American gamblers and Spanish online casinos. We welcome you to all the secrets if you wish to play blackjack, no matter if it's real money or free money; please pay attention to the blackjack 21 online tips we have for you. HIGHLIGHTED CASINOS TO PLAY BLACKJACK ON THE INTERNETHOW TO PLAY BLACKJACK ONLINE? You only need a little luck and some simple rules to succeed in a game of this game. You don't even have to leave your house, since today you can play blackjack without having to go to physical casinos.

In Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, or in any country in the world, you just have to enter the HEX Online Casino website and you will be able to enjoy the best blackjack 21 for free, without downloading anything, in some of the best online casinos. You can even search for the best casinos in the country where you live; for example, if you want to play free blackjack in Spanish at some casinos in Argentina, you can do so without any inconvenience. BLACKJACK RULESThe rules of this game are as varied as they are basic, because although there are various types of formats, they do not change the elementary rules. I invite you to discover them together below: The elementary is always not to exceed 21 points, but, at the same time, to get more points than the croupier.It is played with two cards; all players have two, including the croupier.

The values are as follows in blackjack: Cards from 2 to 10 are worth what each one indicates. Kings, queens and jacks are worth 10.The ace is worth 11 or 1.You can choose between different moves, specifically between double down, split, hit or stand.Hit: You may, if you wish, ask the dealer for another card from the deck and add the card's score to your end points.Stand: You decide not to ask the dealer for other cards; this is a way to stop the game.Split: You can only play like this when you have two cards of the same value, that is, you can play with two hands and ask for cards for each one. Double down allows you to double your bet and get an additional card.After all the cards are shown, including the dealer's, you can lose if you have fewer points than him or win if you get more points. Don't go over 21 points or you'll get what's called a bust, which is basically another way to get beaten.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF ONLINE BLACKJACK You're not wrong if you think that online blackjack is going to have a very rich diversity of formats and variants. We present some of them in the following table:Atlantic City Blackjack The dealer is awarded two cards, one of which will be visible and the other will remain unknown. It is played using eight decks. Bonus BlackjackDouble Exposure Blackjack In this mode, the dealer must have both cards exposed, in full view of everyone.European BlackjackThe dealer receives two cards, one that everyone can see and one that is covered, even if it has been decided to reveal everything.

The user will be given two uncovered cards. Please note that the game is only played with two decks of cards.It is the classic game, but there will be none of the cards worth ten points; that is, the figures are removed: kings, queens and jacks. Vegas Downtown BlackjackThe classic game of blackjack, which is played in all physical casinos, like in Las Vegas, for example.Vegas StripWith four decks of cards, it takes much of the popularity of blackjack without downloading. Its grace lies in the fact that the bet can be doubled after splitting aces.

The croupier's mystery card can be seen by him.BLACKJACK PLAYING TIPS AND TRICKSSpecially for playing blackjack on the internetBlackjack rulesDifferent types of blackjack onlineThe history of blackjack Before spending real money, it is always advisable to play blackjack for free without downloading, so that you can have fun and gain confidence with all the rules and game options, then you can take the next step: to bet. To play with real money, there are a couple of techniques that will help you to have a bigger and bigger profit margin. Don't venture out without thinking carefully about your strategy, and don't fall into the trap of believing that a big bet will result in a much bigger win. Always try to have fun with responsibility, and be conscious and prudent in your actions.Insurance? Insurance is not a guarantee that you'll always win.

You should consider other things; for example, a useful tip is to never split with cards valued at 10, but with aces and those with 8 points. Also, whenever you have 17 points or more, it is a good idea to stand, but if you have 11, you should ask for another card, because you are still far from reaching 21.THE HISTORY OF BLACKJACKNESSNext to the year 1700 is where we can find the first records of blackjack in some French casinos; there, the players and the public called it "Vingt-et-Un", which means "Twenty-one" in Spanish. It is impossible for us to pinpoint an exact date when the game of free blackjack online was founded, but we know, above all, that it is a rather long history and that, although it has a renewed appearance, blackjack, now online, is not a modern game.Some historians claim that the first blackjack fans were citizens of the famous Roman Empire, who, instead of using cards, used wooden pieces in the games. In the more recent history, a clear and evident record is the one that appears in one of the works of the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, based on two players of this enigmatic game.

Later, during the colonization and dispute of North America, the French colonists brought the game of blackjack to the New Continent. By 1931, casinos, which were already popular all over the world, opened their doors in the state of Nevada, where gambling was legal. The more people came to participate or as spectators, the more the legend of the game spread. So the name was changed from the original "Twenty-One" to "Blackjack".

But where did this name come from? It was chosen because the winning move, in which the 21 points that guarantee you the victory in the game are formed, and also your winnings, was called: "blackjack". WHAT IS SO POPULAR IS ONLINE BLACKJACK IN SPAINAt online casinos in Chile, Colombia, Spain, argentina and Mexico you can enjoy this game for as long as you like, through online blackjack servers, just like at physical casinos. You should know that blackjack is one of the most popular games on the market: only slot machines surpass it in fame and gamblers' preferences. Why leave home, with the little time we have, to some physical casino? From your personal computer or your smartphone you can connect to online casinos to play blackjack 21, either from Spain or from any Latin American country.

Studies indicate that young people prefer games where the strategy is present one hundred percent, rather than games where chance is the main factor, as is the case with classic casino slots. Luckily for us, there is an impressive variety of online casino servers in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Spain, as well as in many other places of the world, to play blackjack online. There are studies that also prove that the classic version of free online blackjack is less popular than its variants. This is probably because some variants that have been introduced to the game add much more adrenaline to the betting process.

Here are some of these blackjack twenty-one games:Atlantic City: You can give up late. Multi Hand: This variant is played with five cards, but you play with multiple hands. European Blackjack: The classic blackjack 21 game, with some special rules for double down and splitting.Vegas Strip: This variant is played with four decks of cards. Spanish Blackjack: The same classic game, but played with a modified Spanish deck, so Spain is the best choice for playing free blackjack online.

On our website you will find a whole list of 21 free blackjack games online, including mobile blackjack games and live blackjack games, for you to enjoy whenever you want, surrounded by people who share with you their enthusiasm for one of the most popular games on the web.WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF PLAYING FREE BLACKJACK ON THE INTERNET? While it is true that the atmosphere of physical casinos in Europe or Latin America cannot be replaced, 21 blackjack online has its own reasons for you to play online and without having to download anything to your computer. The first thing you should know is that you can play anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and an electronic device, such as your computer or your mobile phone. In addition, you can practice and polish your skills for free, so that once you have learned to play well, you can take the next step and gamble with real money in online casinos. Finally, keep in mind that you will be able to access online servers that are constantly updated to have the most popular and fun online casino software providers, with different options to play blackjack for free without downloading, without registration and without spam, computer viruses, because they are safe and reliable servers.REVIEW OUR COLLECTION OF FREE ONLINE BLACKJACKJACK GAMESThe idea of free blackjack 21 games is that you can put your skills and strategies to work on the internet without spending any money.

So when you're ready, you can bet and win the jackpot on offer. Our page has, for players from Spain and the rest of the world, the best games in their most updated and modern versions; all of them can be enjoyed in the online casino servers present in our web. We are constantly working on the revisions and we will be constantly updating that kind of information, in the form of videos, in our web site. All the game modes also contain a short information table where you can remember the rules and decide which version of blackjack 21 you want to play.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSHow to make a profit at blackjack online? It is always recommended to have basic knowledge and practice to master blackjack online.

It is always best to inquire, watch videos of games, listen to other players and play without rest. In addition, it is advisable to be constantly focused on the game, as any distraction will be your downfall.Is it possible to get bonuses? Yes, many traders offer various bonuses: for session entry, registration, weekly, daily, for deposits or not, etc. Can I use the strategy of counting cards in blackjack on the internet?In the online version of blackjack it is not recommended, because after each card the deck is automatically organized, so it is not the best strategy when facing a game of blackjack on the internet. Everything changes if you are playing with other people online or in a physical way, because there it will be very helpful to know the mathematical probabilities that can allow you to know the next hands, yours or your competitors'.

The "game of 21" and blackjack are the same? of course, it is just another way to name blackjack in the world, mainly in Europe. The main thing is still to try to get 21 points with the cards you have dealt, and not to go over that number.How to find a casino with safe blackjack? Licensed casinos with anti-fraud servers are always the safest. When it comes to ensuring your trust, try to prefer live games. Can you play blackjack online for free?Currently, only live tables require a minimum bet in real money.

Most online casinos offer the possibility to play for free, so that their users can polish their strategies before betting with real money. If I don't have good cards, is it better to give up? A bad hand is always the best, otherwise you will lose your bet. If you have bad cards, it's best to let your cards go, otherwise you will only lose the 50th of your bet.What is the best strategy to play blackjack? Not all developers market the same types of blackjack, so getting informed about the particularities of each type of game is a good start. Then take into account the value of your hand and the probability you have or not to pass if you ask for a new card.

Surrendering, doubling, splitting - there are many decisions to be made depending on the moment. What happens if the dealer exceeds 21 points?Everybody wins. The main purpose of 21 blackjack is for the dealer to go over 21 points in order to win the game and therefore the bet. What does "doubling" mean in blackjack? Doubling is only a possibility for when you are very sure you have winning cards, as it is risky, but it allows you to double your bet and win more money.

When you choose "double down", you get a card, double the bet and stand, all at the same time.When can you split in blackjack? It depends on the cards you have in your hand, as they must be of the same value for this to happen. Consider, however, that not all casinos allow it. The idea is that, with the split cards, you have two hands and therefore have more chances of winning.